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Top 100 Contemporary Christian Songs

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Top 100 Christian SongsThis is a countdown of the “Top 100 Contemporary Christian Songs” on YouTube based on the number of views each video has received. Technically, that’s not a fair way to rank the songs due to the amount of time they have been uploaded. Most of these songs are new christian music releases within the last year or two. However, you may see some christian songs/artists that aren’t new because in a list of 100 songs there are some that are just timeless classics.

Finding new christian music songs is challenging for some people, and this list aims to help with that. Listening to music calms, and heals the soul. In the line-up below you’ll find some truly moving and motivational music. Not just songs with a “catchy tune” although they all share that, but rather it’s the lyrics that move and heal us.

Just making this page for our readers turned me on to some new songs I had not previously heard that have already become household favorites! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed finding them.

Please feel free to send us a link to any great Christian videos you’d like to see make the top 10, top 40, or top 100 Christian songs list.

Here are the Top 100 Contemporary Christian Songs in order of popularity (views) from #1 to #100 :

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